Scale faster or optimize existing facilities with our customized fully integrated sensing and automation solutions. We install, maintain the hardware and software, and have 24x7x365 automated monitoring with rapid on-site support. Take the next step with Grownetics so you can focus on growing your profits, not troubleshooting your hardware. Features & Services ----------------------------- Full Facility Automation: Our custom mapped dashboard lets you see what’s going on in your facility spatially in real-time. We can integrate any sub-system into our open automation platform. High Resolution Crop Sensing: 3D crop sensing allows us to track live and historical conditions around each individual plant. Run your sub-systems and get micro climate control based on what’s happening in your canopy, not on the wall. 24*7*365 Alerts: Get a phone call and SMS if anything gets out of range. Chiller problems? We setup a custom alert. Automated 24*7*365 alerting included by default. Resilient & Secure by Design: Our resilient on-site server array means your facility can operate with or without an outside network connection. Granted, with our triple redundant internet connection that’s not likely to happen either. Batch Management & Analytics Set custom rules and track live or historical data for every plant by batch. Link zone based environmental recipes to strain for optimal yield. Easily replicate success. Full Support: We install, train, and maintain. Let us worry about the tech and hardware so you can focus on growing your best.

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