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Cann Strategy develops future focused strategies for vision driven cannabis businesses.  From winning licenses in competitve states through our competitive licensing project management, to developing and managing robust Corporate Social Responsibility plans and strategizing for  key performace metrics and competitive advantages, we are hyper focused on how our clients can win in an industry that's moving at lightinging speed.

Cann Strategy’s core goal is to make the cannabis industry a remarkable one by helping companies build solid foundations, true competitive edges, and an ability to navigate the turbulence of the industry, without getting too many bumps and bruises.  From licensing to launch our laser focus is set on steadily supporting our clients in being profitable, purposeful and primed for success, whether they are new entrants to the industry or are focused on up-leveling and expanding an existing cannabis dispensary, cultivation, or production organization.

We like to think of ourselves as your extended brain power and energy booster that thinks through everything from what will make your company survive to what will make it thrive.

Cann may be exactly what you’ve been looking for to ensure that your brain power can be used for the things that most need your attention. Let’s find out!  Connect with us at

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