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The J. Whitney Group provides cannabis business consulting to dispensaries, cultivations, and production facilities in the Cannabis industry throughout the United States. We operate in a holistic manner from acquiring licensing through designing and refining operations. Beyond the intensive licensing process, cannabis businesses often struggle with seamlessly integrating compliance into operations, building brand loyalty, and remaining profitable and popular in an industry with various unique and unstable regulations. Rather than focusing on an isolated goal such as “winning” a license or setting up basic functions, we take a “soup-to-nuts” approach.Our experience allows us to review how the steps you take on day one will impact your opportunities on the road far ahead, and we will guide you to keep as many options open as possible on your road to industry leadership. While officially a consulting relationship, our clients think of us as partners in their journey, from the licensing process to thoroughly developed, optimized, and effective operations.Having the J. Whitney Group on board, in short, means that you can sleep at night; you can let go of the worry that you’ve missed something; you can let go of the concern that someone failed to file that last piece of paper; you can instead feel confident that when you get to the office in the morning everything will be running like clockwork, like an experienced professional was up all night so you could sleep. “You are the only consulting firm that actually did everything you said you were going to do.” – Keith Capurro,CEO, Deep Roots Harvest, NV Our team operates from a perspective of psychological and emotional principles combined with data, technological knowhow, and detailed compliance standards which we seamlessly integrate with the fabric of your operation to magnetically draw people to your organization, and retain them. 91% of organizations said they aspire to be among the client experience leaders in their industry, yet only 37% had started a formal Client Experience Integration initiative. – Oracle By 2020, customer experience will overtake pri?ce and product as the key brand differentiator. – Walker Like many consulting engagements, our true value will not come to fruition or be measurable for some time. Nonetheless, we know that we will bring tremendous value and our confidence in our ability to bring value to your enterprise is matched by our willingness to take upside compensation. Although our standard engagement is time and materials based, we are open to any alternative discussions that will minimize the current expenses of your operation while further correlating our positions, including stock options or profit- based compensation. You have your eye set on becoming a Cannabis industry leader, The J. Whitney Group is the consulting firm that will do what it takes to get you there.

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