Your business and your reputation are directly tied to finding quality carts that don’t leak, deliver full flavor and big volume. And let’s be real - price matters. That’s why at BOLD we set out to create a line of carts, pens and power made from the highest quality materials that provide an amazing user experience. And the best part is, we priced our products so that our customers can see a noticeable effect on their bottom line. Why pay more for carts when you don’t have to?

Our products are innovative and meet the highest standards in materials, construction, design and innovation. Our carts are made with a highly porous ceramic core that allows extracts to absorb into the core, providing a large contact area and creating a smoother, fuller draw.

We’ve got everything you need in glass twist-on and plastic in both twist-on and press-on, and our prices cannot be beat. We have distribution centers across the country and warehouse a large inventory so that you can get your supplies when you need them.


• Exceptional prices
• Low failure rate
• Exceed lead test  requirements
• Better metals
• Better ceramics
• Our ceramics are more  porous; better draw and absorption
• Maintain large inventory 
• Service agreements
• American company
• Made in our own factory
• Branding and customization
• Large variety of mouthpiece options
• Exceptional customer service

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